Real Estate Branding: Do not be a commodity

branding podcast Mar 18, 2018

This post is a summary of Frazier's appearance on The Onion Juice Podcast. Read below for some quick hits from the podcast and then listen in as Neil and Frazier discuss this very important topic in depth!

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Most people think that branding consists of your logo and a slogan that you pitch on your website and social media.

3 Pillars of Real Estate Branding
Do your customers choose your brand first? This question gets right to the heart of branding. Branding isn’t about logos or slogans.

Branding is about forming a relationship with your customers — a relationship where they know your brand and have an idea about the experience your provide.

Do consumers know about you? If they do, do they like working with you? Lastly, but most important, do they trust you?

Commodity vs. Brand

Essentially, it is my belief that agents in the real estate industry are being commoditized with all the...

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What real estate pros should know about the new Snapchat

snapchat social media Mar 17, 2018

Author: Chelsea Peitz

The only thing that’s constant is change

Last year, I switched from a PC to a Mac because I thought it couldn’t be that hard to learn, however, I very quickly found myself lost and spending hours on tasks that used to take me minutes.

I kept telling myself that millions of people couldn’t be wrong. Apple users aren’t just fans, they’re fanatics, and they must know something that I didn’t.

I googled how to do everything, and after a few weeks of cursing this 13-inch technological quagmire, things started to become easier and make sense. Now, I love my Mac!

I realize now that my resistance stemmed from my fear of change.

Just like the changeover from one system to another, the latest Snapchatupdate is proving to be a bit shocking to its user base. It’s not really fair to label the recent change as an “update,” when truthfully, it’s a complete platform redesign.

Snapchat didn’t simply add...

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Five Tips for Marketing Your Mortgage Brand

mortgage marketing Mar 14, 2018

Read the full blog post on Adwerx by clicking HERE.

Frazier’s Five Point Plan for Loan Officers

  1. Stop thinking about ROI. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t look for instant success with any one tactic. Have patience, try everything, and give it time.
  2. Be your own customer. Think about messages you respond to yourself. Too often loan officers forget that we’re all consumers.
  3. Be where your enemy is not. This is based on The Art of War by Sun Tzu, but it applies to social. Right now, not a lot of mortgage companies are in the social space. Seize the opportunity to grab attention!
  4. Give, give, give then ask. Based off of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Book, Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook. Add value above all else. Share your knowledge. Establish yourself as a trusted resource before asking people to trust you.
  5. Focus on the relationship. Don’t think of your clients as leads. These are people and you are helping them with one of the largest financial transactions...
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