Alexa, Delete That Crappy Email

A recent article on Marketing Land talked about What email marketers should know about Alexa’s latest feature.

The Short Stack

On Monday, Amazon announced that one of new Alexa features would be the ability to read, compose, and delete email.

Users can now decide to delete an email by merely listening to the sender and the subject line.

Alexa works with Gmail and Outlook.

My Thoughts

This service creates an easy and efficient way for consumers to manage their inbox. More importantly, it allows them to quickly delete "blind" emails and emails with canned subject lines. If you are doing the "set it and forget it" email marketing strategy this could be the final nail in the coffin for having your email opened.

Email subject lines are paramount with creating a magnet to get people to pay attention. If it doesn't attract visually, then it definitely won't attract when being spoken aloud by a voice assistant. As voice content consumption becomes more and more prevalent, it is...

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