Expert Business Development Strategies for Agents, with Shannon Milligan


Show Notes:

The two talk about why networking events are vital for building relationships. Social media is like a CRM. Shannon separates all her Facebook friends in different columns as to whether or not she needs to work on building relationships with that person.  Every day, Shannon has goals she needs to reach on social media that leads to five meaningful conversations, and eventually one face-to-face conversation. Also, Shannon joins clubs to make connections with others. Recently, Shannon revealed to a club member that she could list her house without the help of a realtor. Overall, people put a premium on their time; individuals that offer free education without a sale will end up doing better than the person who tries to sell all their knowledge.

To win, you need to create a customer experience. If someone immediately asks how much your commission is, they only care about the money. The packages Shannon offers are a huge winner for her, and she only...

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