Become A Mortgage Professional For The Modern Age

We are living in a mobile first world. Rates and Products simply just won't get it done. You need to reach the consumer with creating messaging, that adds value, educates and grabs their attention from the start!



The alternative is letting disruption create a new industry without us. Being known as the generation that helped this industry jump in the grave with both feet. The future will be bright for those of us that see the endless possibilities and execute on the opportunity.


The consumer doesn't care about the way things used to be or how you used to do business. The industry had their chance to adapt and innovate in order to position itself to serve the modern consumer in the social economy. Instead they focused on making shitty processes less shitty.


Flyers? Rate sheets? Your new app? All of those are good things to have, but they are going to be move the needle. We will teach you how to market to agents the way THEY want to be marketed to. We will also show you how to deliver content to them that WILL help grow their business.


Barry Habib, Founder of MBS Highway, named top LO in the US twice, and has originated over $2 billion dollars in loans has this to say.

"Jason is smart, articulate, and on the cutting edge of where our industry is going"

Here's What You'll Learn

Loan Officers you will learn how to market directly to the consumer so they can grab their attention on the channels where they live. You will also learn how to add TRUE VALUE to your agent partners. Stop talking at them and start helping their business.

We don't want your money. We WANT your success! No BS, keep reading...

Let's be honest. A lot of mortgage professionals in the industry are not going to make it through the shift happening right now. Call it disruption, change, or whatever, the point is that you cannot have the "business as usual" mentality. 90% of your colleagues won't adapt their business or learn knew ways of generating business. It is a shame, but it is the truth and there lies your opportunity to grab market share. Regardless of market conditions, there WILL BE plenty of business for those that remain relevant to the modern consumer. 

Now the question is, will you be the 10% that grabs that opportunity?

Don't let this be another program or tool that you don't use. If you tend to "donate" money to vendors as opposed to getting what your paid for, then this program isn't for you. Seriously. Our program is for people who truly want to build a disruption proof business, who are driven, who are coachable, and don't fall back on excuses on why they can't do something. If that is who you are, then keep reading...OR 

If not, there are plenty of other programs out there for you NOT TO USE. 

We’ll teach you how to use Marketing to showcase your knowledge as an advisor and use your passion about what you do to about turn it into attention grabbing content. We will show you how to create Customer Lifetime Value by using relationship marketing and content marketing based on the intent and interest of your clients to create mindshare. Mindshare = Market share. 

To be successful in our program:

  • Ask questions and engage with our community (Elite Membership)
  • You have to be driven
  • You have an "A-Player" mentality
  • You want to be different
  • You have to be willing to put in the work
  • You HAVE to be COACHABLE 
  • You HAVE to EXECUTE on our training
  • Understand that we are undergoing the greatest culture shift ever in consumerism
  • Believe that dynamic marketing is going to be the most important asset to attracting more business in this new economy
  • Know that providing an awesome consumer experience will take your personal brand to the next level.
  • Realize that doing "what everyone else is doing" is a losing proposition
  • You want to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities in front of you so your business can ENDURE regardless of market conditions.

We want everyone in our program to succeed and grow their business. This will only happen of you execute and buy-in to our program. If you are not willing to commit, then this program is not for you. 

This simple fact is that in today's real estate landscape you need to be an Agent Marketer to grab attention of your audience. This is how you will stand out and be a differentiator from your competition. 



Don't wait until it is too late to be the 10%! Start learning today how to fuel your business for the next decade and beyond!


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